Remote meetings: By-laws amendment is required

Articles - July 15, 2022
Remote meetings: By-laws amendment is required

On the date hereof, the Public Registry of the City of Buenos Aires (the “PR”) published in the Official Gazette General Resolution No. 8/2022 (the “Resolution“) resolving the finalization of the exception period for holding remote meetings of administrative or governing bodies, when the bylaws do not provide it expressly.

The Resolution revokes Section 3 of General Resolution IGJ No. 11/20, which allowed the use of electronic or digital media platforms to hold meetings of the administrative or governing body of companies, civil associations or foundations, as a result of the measures restricting the circulation provided by DNU 260/2020 and amendments. Thus, such modalities will only be available in the cases in which the bylaws have so provided.

It also provided that meetings of companies, civil associations, or foundations summoned to be held remotely under the terms of Section 3 of General Resolution 11/2020 will be admitted up to 60 administrative business days after the publication of the Resolution.

The Resolution will become effective as from the day of its publication.

The official text of Resolution can be found at the following link.