Sustainable Commitment

At Bruchou, we consider good environmental practices as essential for our organization

Implementing internal policies and raising awareness from an environmental perspective, constitute one of Bruchou’s main pillars that nourish the values we uphold. Our practice’s goal is to attain a sustainable triple impact model: it entails generating economic, social, and environmental value. Therefore, we strongly believe that a sustainable internal policy should be based primarily on the 3Rs rule: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This enables us to optimize resources and establish conducts in agreement with the highest sustainability standards.

We are aware that the permanent improvement of our practices is a key factor in standing by our commitment to environment since we are responsible for reducing and mitigating impacts that might be caused by our activity. Bruchou has established a Sustainability Commission with the purpose of implementing, promoting, and monitoring internal policies in line with the sustainable triple impact model.

The following are some of the actions brought into effect at the request of such Commission:
  • Removal of disposable plastic materials, replacing them with reusable materials.
  • Implementation of a policy on waste sorting at source, by incorporating recycling centres in the office.
  • Reduction in use of paper (recycled paper is assigned to non-governmental organizations).
  • Recycling of electronic waste and batteries.
  • Implementation of internal rules aimed at reducing electricity use.