Bruchou celebrates its 30th anniversary and relaunches its corporate identity

Bruchou & Funes de Rioja - October 29, 2020

Year 2020 has come to be a special year at a global level, a year marked by change, by transformation. For Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi, it also represents a milestone in its history, since 2020 is the year of its 30th anniversary in the legal market, providing value-added solutions to its clients’ projects and challenges. A young, dynamic and creative law firm that has successfully achieved a regional leading presence by virtue of its innovation capacity, creativity, experience and commitment.

 The firm was founded back in 1990, “Over the course of these 30 years we have built a new institution within the Latin America legal landscape which prides itself of global recognition, professional leadership, distinctive culture and state of the art governance, human resources and technology systems. Last but not least, we have done so in an improbable country for such type of endeavor”, says Enrique Bruchou, Founding Partner.

 “We have not travelled a smooth road; however, each crisis we overcame has made us stronger. We were able to adapt ourselves to dramatic circumstantial changes; and we took decisions every step of the way that made us who we are today” , says Carlos Lombardi, Founding Partner.

 In addition, the anniversary coincides with the launch of the Firm’s rebranding. Growth, connection, evolution, forward-looking vision and innovation are attributes considered vital by Bruchou. More modern and dynamic, the Law Firm’s new image seeks to reflect the business’ nature.

“The rebranding launch takes place as part of the Firm’s strategy to position itself as a regional leading law firm under constant growing conditions. We want our brand to represent Bruchou’s DNA and values, and that is why we have chosen to walk a new identity path” , says Hugo Bruzone, Chairman.

 “Context is not a simple one. This is our 30th anniversary and we relaunch our brand during a worldwide pandemic situation and a profound global crisis. With this in mind, we are more committed than ever. We are grateful to our clients and colleagues for having shared all these years with us, and would like to invite them to walk into the future together” , says Liban Kusa, Managing Partner.

The rebranding launch occurs during a year of expansion and growth for the Firm. It has undergone an institutionalization process with the election of a new Executive Committee; the IP Practice Area has been consolidated with the incorporation of two new partners; and a new partner –who has developed his entire career in our Firm- has been promoted in the Tax Department.

Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi is a multidisciplinary law firm with 18 practice areas and over 100 lawyers, through whom it provides a wide range of legal services to major companies and financial entities. With only 30 years of history, Bruchou has become one of the leading law firms in Argentina and the region, fostered by the talent and commitment showed by its team.