Bruchou in the acquisition by Cargill of 30% of Ledesma’s shares in Glucovil

Bruchou & Funes de Rioja - October 29, 2020

Cargill South American Holdings, S.L. (Cargill SAH) acquired Ledesma S.A.A.I.’s (Ledesma) total interest in Glucovil Argentina S.A. (GASA), which represented 30% of shares and votes of GASA. The transaction was completed for US$ 34.3 million last October 26th. As a consequence, the Cargill group will become the only shareholder of GASA.

Founded at the end of 2008, Glucovil was a joint venture between Ledesma and Cargill, in which the Argentinean group had its initial controlling participation of 70%.

Cargill is an American privately held global corporation based in Minnesota USA. Some of Cargill’s major businesses are trading, purchasing and distributing grain and other agricultural commodities, the raising of livestock and production of feed, and producing food ingredients, vegetable oils, among others.

Ledesma is an agroindustrial company that produces sugar, paper, fruits, citric juice, alcohol bioethanol, cereals, meat, corn syrup and corn starch markets.


Legal counsel to Cargill::

Bruchou, Fernández Madero & LombardiPartner Estanislao Olmosassociate Dolores Cedrone (General Corporate – Mergers & Acquisitions), and senior associate Florencia Angélico (Companies Law & Corporate Governance).