We advised Energy Solar S.A. on the issuance of Green Notes for US$80,000,000

New Deal - March 14, 2023

Within the scope of the Global Notes Program of up to US$100,000,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies or other unit value) (the “Program”),, Bruchou & Funes de Rioja advised 360 Energy Solar S.A., -one of the pioneering companies in the solar energy sector and one of the leaders in renewable resources in Argentina, focused on the development, technological research, commercialization, construction, operation and maintenance of solar parks-,and Tavarone, Rovelli, Salim & Miani advised Banco Itaú Argentina S.A. as arranger (“Arranger”), Itaú Valores S.A., Banco Itaú Argentina S.A., Balanz Capital Valores S.A.U., Invertir en Bolsa S.A., BACS Banco de Crédito y Securitización S.A., Banco Hipotecario S.A., Banco de Servicios y Transacciones S.A., and PP Inversiones S.A. as placement agents (together “Placement Agents”), in the successful issuance of: (i) the Series 2 Notes for a nominal amount of US$20,000,000 (dollars twenty million) which qualified as Green Bonds (the “Series 2 Notes”), with a rate of 0.00% and maturing on March 8, 2025; and (ii) the Series 3 Notes for a nominal amount of US$60,000,000 (dollars sixty million) which qualify as Green Bonds (the “Series 3 Notes”, and together with the Series 2 Notes, the “Notes”), with a rate of 5.00% and maturing on March 8, 2032. The proceeds of the placement will be used to finance the construction, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the 360 Energy La Rioja II Photovoltaic Solar Park.

The Notes were issued in line with the four main components of the International Capital Market Association’s Green Bond Principles, following the provisions of the ‘Guidelines for the Issuance of Social, Green and Sustainable Marketable Securities in Argentina and the Social, Green and Sustainable Bonds Guide of the Argentine Stock Exchange and Markets Panel (“ByMA”). Thus, in the green bond evaluation carried out by FIX SCR S.A., the Notes have been qualified as “BV1 (arg)”.

The Notes have been authorized for its listing on ByMA’s Green Panel and for its negotiation on Mercado Abierto Electrónico S.A. (“MAE”).

Legal counsel to 360 Energy Solar S.A.
Bruchou & Funes de Rioja: Partner Alejandro Perelsztein and associates Leandro Belusci, Josefina Mortola Saiach and Sofía Maselli.

360 Energy S.A. in-house legal counsel: Lucrecia Silvestroni and Evelina Anderson.

Legal counsel to the Arranger and the Placement Agents
Tavarone, Rovelli, Salim & Miani Abogados: Partner Marcelo Tavarone and associates Ximena Sumaria, Quimey Lia Waisten y Ramiro Catena.

Banco Itaú Argentina S.A. and Itaú Valores S.A. in-house legal counsel: María Cecilia Victoria and Sonia Lannutti.