Amendments in the Temporary Import Regime – CTIT (Resolution No 32/2024)

Legal News - May 8, 2024

Secretariat of Industry and Commerce issued Resolution No. 32/2024 (the “Resolution 32”), published in the Official Gazette on May 8, 2024 and in force as of May 9, 2024, amending the regulation of the Temporary Import Regime for Industrial Transformation set forth by Decree 1330/2004 and amendments thereto (the “Regime”).

Resolution 32 shall be appliable to all applications for a Certificate of Temporary Importation (“C.T.I.T.”), as per its acronym in Spanish). initiated in accordance with provisions of Resolution No. 811/21 of the former Ministry of Industry. Those applications pending the issuance of the prior technical opinion, will be considered resubmitted to the requirements of Resolution 32.

Resolution 32 abrogates Resolutions N° 811/21 and 171/22 of the former Ministry of Industry that regulated the Regime.

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